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We have engaged with a number of patients who have had time to test Exhale-Dx™ and give us feedback on the concept and usability of the device. Many patients struggle to have a reliable method to monitor their asthma whilst at home, but they believe with Exhale-Dx™ they can begin to take further control of their asthma and plan ahead.

What They Thought

We received very positive reviews about the potential benefits Exhale-Dx™ would have on users personally. The main consensus was around our device allowing user to stay well for longer periods of time, avoid crisis and have more autonomy in managing their condition.

One patient has struggled with controlling her asthma her whole life and unfortunately current diagnostic and management techniques have not always worked out in her favour. She was very optimistic that this device could change the way she looks at her asthma and help her stay on top of it. She also volunteers in a primary school and being able to give notice of when she is not feeling well or there is potential deterioration in the following days, is something beneficial she would appreciate from this device.

In addition, they were all very impressed at how easy it was to use the device. Current spirometry tests do require quite an effort to exhale however our standardised breath collection method requires a very gentle exhalation, about half the force required to blow out a candle. This was highly appreciated as it meant even on days where the patients’ asthma has flared up, they would still be able to complete the test without a strain.

Another patient appreciated the use of visual cues used on our mobile application. She said “the visual cues let me know where I’m going wrong when completing the test and clearly explain the results of how my asthma is controlled. It is very easy to understand and makes me feel at ease as I am more aware of my condition at the current time and for future days”.

The Overall Opinion

For asthmatics that have a daily routine of taking medication, they expressed it would be simple to integrate Exhale-Dx™ into that same routine.

A key topic all patients mentioned was the anxiety they felt during the period of waiting to be diagnosed and of course stress and anxiety can add to the worsening of asthma symptoms. With our device potentially allowing an accelerated path to receiving an initial diagnosis, this could minimise the emotions one has to go through during the process.

They are all very optimistic that our device will save time and resources for health professionals in primary and secondary care settings, which are very valuable at the moment with record waiting times. We hope to carry on receiving user feedback to ensure our device is accessible for all asthmatics.


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