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The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (the EAACI) 2024, was set this year in Valenica Spain, the theme was “Revolutionizing Patient Care Through the Power of Data Science”. The conference gathered over 8000 experts from all around the globe to discuss the advancements in allergy and clinical immunology, brining everyone closer to the correct treatments and potential cures.  

Innovating Asthma Diagnosis with Exhale-Dx

Applied Nanodetectors attended to present two pioneering papers at the conference centered around our groundbreaking Exhale-Dx breath test platform and present all its potentials and findings. These papers, “Advancing Asthma Diagnosis: Integrating Exhaled Biomarkers and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) in a POC Breath Test” and “Diagnosing Asthma with an Exhaled Breath Test at the Point of Care (POC),” highlight our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the early detection and personalized management of asthma which we are very confidant with our device patients would be able to do easily. We also show-cased how our device is currently under the co-design process with GOSH to allow for it to be used in the pediatric market. We saw a lot of interest in this field and had a couple of stakeholders reach out for collaboration during the conference. We met with a physician specializing in pediatric pulmonology with his own private clinic based in Frankfurt, that wanted to use our device on his patients, we were thrilled to partner up with him, and currently working together to influence the respiratory disease sector globally.  

Engaging in Scientific Collaboration

The conference provided a dynamic platform for Applied Nanodetectors to share insights and collaborate with leaders in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. We immersed ourselves in scientific sessions, exploring the latest research breakthroughs and exchanging ideas on personalized patient care and data-driven innovations. We wanted to get familiar to the current market demand and ensure that we are filling in the required gaps in the market, the conference gave us useful insights on that, and motivated us to continue in the pediatric route due to large demand seen.  

Building Partnerships for the Future

At EAACI 2024, Applied Nanodetectors engaged in meaningful discussions and formed new collaborations that promise to advance asthma diagnosis and management worldwide. Our interactions spanned from exploring updated guidelines and research initiatives to participating in workshops and networking events aimed at forming enduring long-term connections with the healthcare community.  


Looking Ahead: Transforming Healthcare Together

Applied Nanodetector’s experience at EAACI 2024, was wonderful and the connections and momentum AND gained gave us a strong push to continue working on the same path we are on to continue improving patient outcomes through innovative technology. With the new collaborations gained and the global community that we have networked with filled with healthcare professionals we are super eager and confident to continue shaping the future of allergy and immunology care with a commitment to personalized patient-centric solutions. 

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