Artificial Intelligence

Applied Nanodetectors aims to develop trustworthy and responsible AI software for healthcare applications. Our AI solutions will be developed in a fair and unbiased manner. As well as will be developed transparently and fully explainable. Commercial cybersecurity methods will protect our client's data safely and securely.

Edge AI

We provide instant results from the personalised ML models, with no internet. This reduces latency significantly and allows the patient to conduct the breath test anywhere.

ML Models

It predicts a 3- up to 5-day window to show the future progress of the patient. Our models are personalised for each patient to increase accuracy.

Data Analysis

All patient records are saved automatically on the cloud and analysed to increase future result's reliability.

Indication System

A traffic light indication system is implemented to alert patients of their future progress.


The patient's progress is predicted using supervised learning and a personalised ML model.


Each patient's history can be accessed through a secure Android Application and on the AND cloud.