Exhale-Dx™ Platform

Exhale-Dx™ is a non-invasive point of care device, that implements breath analysis to forecast your future diagnosis. This provides the patient with personalised self-management.

Breath Analysis

Breath analysis, a non-invasive process whereby small quantities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be detected in human breath, and they can form a fingerprint that can be used for early disease detection and diagnosis (e.g. asthma, lung cancer, liver disease and diabetes). The process is made possible using our cutting-edge technology.

End-Tidal Breath Collection

Exhale-Dx™ utilizes the end-tidal wave of the patient’s breath sample to capture the maximum concentration of the biomarkers.

This is the standardised method for breath testing all types of patients, young and old.

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Nanodetectors aims to develop trustworthy and responsible AI software for healthcare applications. Our AI solutions will be developed in a fair and unbiased manner. As well as will be developed transparently and fully explainable. Commercial cybersecurity methods will protect our client’s data safely and securely.

Through the application of Machine Learning (ML), our model forecasts the patient’s progress  up to 3 days ahead.

This provides the patient with a window to reduce the chances of an asthma attack. As well as instant results that decrease latency, since Edge-AI is also applied in Exhale-Dx™.

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