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Exhale-Dx AI Enabled Point of Care (POC) breath test for the management and diagnosis of asthma at Giant Health Conference 2021

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Applied Nanodetectors exhibited their Exhale-Dx™ platform AI enabled point of care breath test for the management and diagnoses of asthma at the GIANT Health Conference on November 30th to December 1st 2021.

GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Conference

GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Conference intends to improve the overall health of individuals globally, by forwarding healthcare innovation and supporting groundbreaking health-tech entrepreneurs and investors. GIANT is an innovation event, with an array of engaging conferences, 120 speakers and 60 sponsors. With hours of content of 48 hours, GIANT presents the forefront of health tech startup competition. Amongst 52 enthralling exhibitors, Applied Nanodetectors exhibited their Exhale-Dx platform AI enabled point of care test for the management and diagnoses of asthma.


Hanya Ahmed, Senior software engineer, APPLIED NANODETECTORS LIMITED at #GIANT2021 on AI Enabled Point of Care (POC) test for the management and diagnoses of asthma.


Hanya Ahmed, Applied Nanodetectors new Senior Software Engineer, gave an in depth talk on the Exhale-Dx™. Asthma is a worldwide burden costing billions in hospital admissions and treatment. Currently, people with asthma are unable to monitor and easily detect exasperations early enough to avoid hospital visits, people thus are unaware of when their lungs are worsening and becoming inflamed, this results in 65,000 emergencies in the U.K. that are actually 75% preventable.

Breath Analysis

Hanya highlights breath analysis as non-invasive test which detects biomarkers in human breath, it creates a personalised fingerprint for each person’s breath which can monitor and detect diseases. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to become more prevalent in healthcare, Applied Nanodetectors’ aim is to develop an integrated point of care solution combining the measurement of chemical biomarkers, using breath analysis, with lung function measurements in one device to predict asthma attacks using AI thereby helping asthmatics prevent such attacks.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are methods to identify patterns and relationships between data, this information can be used to predict future outcomes, allowing for patient support and preventative interventions. Applied Nanodetectors Ltd has therefore developed the world’s first medical device, Exhale-Dx™ Diagnosis and Exhale-Dx™ Self-management designed for asthma with an integrated AI predictive model to diagnosis and predict asthma attacks. Patients are able to perform a daily test at home and have the device save data into the flash memory, send data to the mobile application for monitoring purposes and lastly, through embedded personalised deep neutral network, the device is able to predict a real time score 3 days in advance using the traffic light indication system.



Through the POC device, patients are able to have access to two main applications. The first, self-management, aimed at severe asthmatics at home, where patients are able to use the device at home, monitor themselves and their asthma and predict attacks. The second being, diagnosis which acts as a low cost for primary care, which helps GPs rule out asthma.

Exhale-Dx™ will have a dramatic impact across the world, especially on the self-management and diagnosis of asthma attacks at home. During the exhibition Applied Nanodetectors received exceptional feedback on social media platforms such as Facebook about Exhale-Dx™. We are now starting new collaborations to continue the awareness and impact of Exhale-Dx ™ across the world.


Watch the Hanya Ahmed’s talk at GIANT Health Conference 2021 below:

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