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Applied Nanodetectors is delighted to share the news that our innovative diagnostic breath testing platform, Exhale-Dx, has been selected to receive funding from SBRI’s healthcare program.  

Extending to Paediatrics

This achievement marks a significant milestone after a rigorous process of testing, refining, and optimizing our device for adult applications. We are now embarking on a new chapter to extend our assistance to children in managing asthma, enabling them to lead active and fulfilling lives. 

Our Main Objectives

Our Exhale-Dx device, which has demonstrated significant efficacy in our Southampton trial, was collaboratively refined with input from individuals with asthma to prioritize user-friendliness and optimal functionality. Through our participation in the SBRI Healthcare program, we aim to further enhance our device to cater to children in a manner that is both inclusive and user-friendly. Our objective is to ensure that the device is not only easy for children to operate but also accessible to a wide range of users. Throughout the trial, we will engage with feedback and advisory groups to ensure that our device is developed to be as universally accessible as possible.  

We are committed to maintaining a regularly updated blog featuring our progress and accomplishments. Our enthusiasm stems from our overarching mission to significantly reduce child asthma attacks by 50% and positively impact as many children as we can. 

our innovative diagnostic breath testing platform, Exhale-Dx
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