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This year’s American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference in San Diego was a major event for Applied Nanodetectors, as we took the chance to showcase our groundbreaking innovation in respiratory health our very own Exhale-Dx breath test platform to over 14,000 attendees from all around the globe. Our device portrays a significant leap forward in the respiratory health sector especially in asthma management, with our offering of predictive capability and an impressive 93% accuracy rate in predicting asthma attacks 3 days in advance. Our mission is to constantly revolutionize asthma care and to allow asthma patients to live a normal of a life as possible via providing personalized management plans via our mobile application. Designed previously in collaboration with asthma patients, and now in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to co-design for children and their parents, Exhale-Dx marks a new era in proactive asthma management. 

Networking and Collaboration at ATS

ATS was a great place for Applied Nano detectors to connect with leaders in the respiratory health sector and healthcare professionals from around the globe. Critical care workers, pulmonary and sleep specialists from all around the globe were attending as well as physicians, professors, medical professionals, investors and other stakeholders. Our team members engaged in many fruitful discussions and fortunately established promising partnerships working towards advancing our technology and expanding its reach globally. Particularly, AND is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Rady’s Children Hospital a partnership that we are confident will enhance pediatric asthma care in the region.   

Moving Forward

As we look back at our experience at ATS, we are thrilled and grateful for all the opportunities we see ahead. The insights gained and partnerships formed during this conference will allow Applied Nanodetectors to move faster towards our goal of transforming asthma management worldwide and not just in the UK. We are externally committed and very energized to continue working towards our journey of innovation and preventative medical care, and we are especially motivated after receiving feedback regarding our technology the demand in the market at the moment for such technology.  

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned as we continue moving along our exciting chapter dedicated to evolving our technology for pediatric use. Together we are shaping the future of respiratory healthcare.   

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