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Exhale-Dx™: Asthma self-management

Empower individuals to self-care.

Exhale-Dx™: Asthma diagnostic

Objective diagnostic measurement.

Add value to healthcare outcomes.


Exhale-Dx™: Asthma Self Management

Applied Nanodetectors research has shown that using our Exhale-Dx™ AI solution we can predict asthma attacks 3 days in advance with high accuracy. Our objective is to extend the time interval to 5 days.

Our solution would include a Exhale-Dx™ device, disease management software, alerts/prompts with an integrated personalized action plan.

Using our solution will empower users to manage their condition more effectively, and improve their quality of life and reduce life-threatening asthma attacks.

Exhale-Dx™: Asthma Diagnostic

The diagnosis of asthma is currently limited, and are based on a mixture of clinical history, physical examination and lung function. To date, there are no accurate objective tests either to confirm the diagnosis or to discriminate between different types of asthma. It has been estimated that more than 30% of people being diagnosed and treated for asthma may have no clear evidence of asthma.

Using our breath test we have shown that we can identify patients with an indication of asthma with high accuracy. We believe that using our breath test will lead to more accurate diagnosis and patients receiving the appropriate treatment.