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Transforming respiratory disease healthcare with our point of care breath platform

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Predicting asthma attacks 3 days in advance.

Exhale-Dx™ Asthma Self-Management

Is a next-generation point of care (POC) breath diagnostic platform that combines biomarker detection, lung function measurements and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Our AI algorithms based solution has been shown to predict asthma attacks 3 days in advance.

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“The idea of asthma home self testing is potentially life changing.”

-Asthma Specialist GP

“This device will likely help cut appointment times and allow patients to take responsibility for their own health.”

-Hospital Clinician

“This is incredible, it'll make my life easier!”

Diagnostic guided

Exhale-Dx™: Asthma Diagnostic

Our diagnostic solution includes a device and disease management software to deliver supported self-care programs.
Early results have shown we can identify patients who have asthma.

Data driven

Provide healthcare professionals actionable insights

Our Exhale-Dx™ solution connects wirelessly to our cloud based patient management system, that provides healthcare staff with data and alerts, and enables them to early identify patients at risk of deterioration.
Our cloud platform supports the transfer of data to the patient records in a secure and safe manner. This is an end-to-end solution, data collected on the device is sent to the mobile application then to the cloud.

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Unique user experience

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We make it simple to manage and diagnose patients

Breath analysis is a non-invasive test suitable for all types of patients.
Secure data transfer

Cloud platform conforms to regulatory requirements.

Deep learning

Unique insights and personalised models.

Low cost of ownership

Cost effective testing.


Applied Nanodetectors has won the following awards, DTI Grant for Research and Development, UKTI Business Innovation Award in the category of Intelligent Connected World, IET Innovation Award, Business Innovators competition in the category of Business Winner. TSB grant award in the Fighting Infection Through Detection funding competition. Innovate UK Grant winner including Biomedical Catalyst.

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